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Welcome to Nerve

Nerve Global’s conviction is that everything strives to more complexity and it is our duty to enable people to experience and create new things. Our systems have to be accessible to all people with no exceptions. We create global markets that allow the exchange of value between advanced and emerging economies, redistributing value from the rich to the poor in the exchange for novel kinds of services and accelerating global digitalization. We firmly believe in money as a language for the communication of values and therefore think free access to sound digital money is part of the right to free speech. It is our final goal to demonstrate and instantiate trust between people. The purpose of the company is to promote and enable a sustainable and engaging future that is controlled and driven by the people.

NERVE is a game changing decentralized system, which is composed of independent Smart Contracts working with mathematical certainty. Therefore, NERVE can be constantly expanded. Everyone can profit from the growth of the NERVE platform by participating in our Ecosystem.