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A Host creates a Dare for a Player and assigns both a minimum monetary reward (Loot) and a duration (Timer) for Dare completion. The Loot will be the native token of the blockchain specified for this particular Dare.

The Host and/or the Player broadcast the Dare to the network for all to see.

Fans of the Host, Player, or the Dare can choose to join in the Dare by pledging additional Loot for the successful completion of the Dare. The Player can choose to complete the Dare while the Timer is active. Successful completion of the Dare should be supported by a submitted Proof to the relevant social media (Youtube, TikTok, etc). The Player may also choose not to accept the Dare by not completing it within the specified time.

The Conclusion#

There are 2 ways that a Dare becomes final:

  1. The Timer expires

  2. All participants have voted Yes/No.

Once a Dare is Final, if the majority of Fans have voted Yes (that the Proof was sufficient based on the specifics of the Dare) then the Loot is transferred to the Player. If the Vote concludes No, then the Loot is returned to the Fans.

If no votes have been made, the Dare will be considered as completed.


Voting: 1 wallet = 1 vote