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App Functions

Global Feed#

The Global Feed displays the most active tasks ranked by value. It is the best place to discover popular Players and to become a Fan. Visit History to find the most valuable tasks of the current season and watch their proof videos.


Use the Search to add and save other users’ profiles by searching for their name or wallet address. You can also find the rankings of the current season in this tab.


This tab displays all current and past dares you have participated in.


Your wallet shows your current MATIC and NERVE balances and transaction histories. Use this tab to send or receive tokens. You can also directly sell your NERVE tokens from here.


The Dashboard acts as a user profile and displays all active tasks proposed to that user. You are in total control of the content displayed on your own Dashboard and you can blacklist users from proposing tasks to you. Visit the “History” to see all successful and failed tasks by that user.