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What is Nerve

Our service allows viewers to pool crypto currency and attach it to a proposal they want to see executed by their favorite social media actor (or anyone else), allowing consumers to directly provide funding for specific content production without the interference of third parties.

With that said, we propose BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) for access to direct reward channels between content creators and consumers running on the Ethereum blockchain. It is globally accessible, censorship resistant and allows people to participate without access to banking services. We establish easy access to the Ethereum blockchain and help to introduce entry-level users through our own wallet solution.

The use of blockchain technology ensures to fully support the following key characteristics:

  • Neutral: Our system does not differentiate between users and is highly inclusive.
  • Open: Anyone can participate and there are no mechanisms in place that would allow the restriction of use.
  • Public: Everything that happens within the Nerve system is publicly verifiable.
  • Borderless: The Ethereum blockchain (and Nerve) is globally accessible and does not adhere to local jurisdictions.
  • Censorship resistant: Content within the Nerve system cannot be changed, altered or removed.

People from around the world will be able to collect and allocate values without knowing each other or any custodial third party. Trust and verification is put into an open, direct democracy that is able to manage the monetary flow without any legal representatives.


As a second-layer service, we are offering our users the possibility to create arbitrary bets that are securely administered on the blockchain. This poses a further possibility to shape the interactivity of a live stream and demonstrates the unstoppable nature of blockchain technology. It is important to understand that all of our services can be used through any other Ethereum wallet that allows smart contract interaction and is not an inherent system of the Nerve DApp. We only provide interface solutions to already existing technologies.

Through the Nerve DApp we are able to connect the very progressive sub-culture of digital natives with the real world. The focus is not solely set on entertainment purposes, but rather on the financial compensation for political and societal actions proposed by our underlying democratic crowdfunding system.