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As Creator#

To create a task for another user you can navigate to the search window and search for a specific user by name or find one through a global task or bet in the Global feed. After navigating to the users Dashboard click on the “Create Task”-Button. You will be required to choose a minimum entry fee, a duration and a description for your task.


  • Receive a task: The company which developed the Uniswap protocol, along with the web interface.
  • Submit a proof: A suite of persistent, non-upgradable smart contracts that together create an automated market maker, a protocol that facilitates peer-to-peer market making and swapping of ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Get approved: A web interface that allows for easy interaction with the Uniswap protocol. The interface is only one of many ways one may interact with the Uniswap protocol.
  • Claim Funds: A governance system for governing the Uniswap Protocol, enabled by the UNI token.

As Participant#